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Who Shops at Abbadabba’s? Meet Amy Krafchick! | 2/21/2014

Our Abbadabba’s team was doing some brainstorming recently and came up with this tagline to try to describe our store to those who might not have visited us yet:

Cool Shoes. Cooler Service. Coolest Customers.

How true it is! Read more about one of our coolest customers, Amy Krafchick!

I discovered Abbadabba’s by chance about 10 years ago. The first time I shopped there, I knew it would meet my needs. My foot is wide, but I still find plenty of options – I never get frustrated there! I am on my feet a lot and have had some foot issues in recent years. My podiatrist asked me to bring in all my shoes (most of which were from Abbadabba’s) and he approved all of them! He also recommended some other brands that Abbadabba’s carries.

Amy-Dancing-TennisMy full time job is working with kids so I am on my feet all day. I usually wear Brooks Adrenalines while working. This shoe has been a life saver. They came in wide also.

I lead a very active life doing a wide range of activities, and I can find shoes at Abbadabba’s for all occasions. I usher at a few theaters, travel, dance, power walk, hike, cook, play league tennis, and when I’m resting my feet, I am being a scrabble nerd.

Amy-ParisOne of my favorite brands is NAOT. The quality is superior and I found that my NAOTs go with everything. They are very fashionable and every time I wear them, I get compliments. They last forever too.

Most recently, I went to Abbadabba’s to look for some walking shoes for an upcoming trip to Europe. I bought Orthaheels. The style I bought came in several colors so I bought black and copper. I wore them for a few weeks to break them in and they feel like slippers. Very cute and comfortable too. They were perfect for my trip! On that same shopping trip, I was so impressed when the sales girl said NO to me when I had my eyes set on a certain shoe. She told me, “that shoe is not good for your foot and you won’t be happy with it.” I appreciated her honesty, knowledge, and caring. It’s so rare to find a salesperson like that today.

Before shopping at Abbadabba’s, I remember wearing cheap shoes and I was miserable! I can really relate to the expression, “you get what you pay for.” That is especially true with shoes. Now, when it comes to buying shoes, I never cut corners. My feet are too valuable. Once you experience a high quality shoe, you don’t ever want to go back to that miserable feeling.

If you have never shopped at Abbadabba’s, you will be in for a real treat. The sales staff are so knowledgable and you get that personal attention and great customer service. They stand behind all their shoes and want their customers to be happy. The shoes are top quality and the selection is fabulous. They appreciate your business and it shows.


Atlanta Health Care Professionals Protect Their Feet with Abbadabba’s | 5/17/2013

Shoes for NursesWhen you first think of high-risk occupations, images of soldiers in war zones or Alaskan ice road truckers might pop into your mind. However, the health care field comes with its own range of daily hazards.

Shoes for Medical Professionals

Whether you are employed by a hospital, outpatient care or a private medical practice, professionals have to avoid injuries incurred from treating and transporting patients, exposures to body fluids and illnesses, needle sticks and more. All while working long hours and handling demanding duties. But even in the most intense circumstances, working with Abbadabba’s means these professionals have one less thing to worry about – their feet.

Sure, we think a lot about keeping people healthy from the soles up. But we’re not alone. The Occupational & Health Administration has several standards for protective footwear in a health care environment. In addition to preventing slips, trips and falls, individuals need to wear closed toe shoes with strong support to avoid foot injuries due to falling or rolling objects, or items piercing the sole.

Footwear also needs to provide protection from potential needle sticks, splashing from blood or other potentially infectious materials. Finally, there’s the issue of comfort. Anyone spending long shifts on their feet requires maximum performance and support.

Just ask Camille Ghiraldi, R.N., who has been shopping at Abbadabba’s for over a decade. “As a nurse, I was amazed to see how wearing Dansko’s took the pressure off of my hips, knees and back while keeping my feet comfortable and protected,” she explained. “Abbadabba’s goes out of their way to help you buy the right shoe for your feet.”

Best Shoe Brands for Healthcare Workers

Abbadabba’s offers a number of protective, fashion-forward shoes that give health care workers the support they need. Popular brands with enclosed toes include Dansko , Alegria, Birkenstock, Sanita, Keen and Klogs.

Want more tips for finding the best shoes for your health care environment? Try these:

  • Review your hospital and health care facility guidelines on protective footwear to ensure the brands you select are in compliance.
  • Make sure you move around in the shoes, bending and lifting, to test how well they would perform with work tasks.
  • Since feet often swell after being awake for a while, shop later in the day during times close to the end of your work shift.

We like to recognize the dedicated health care professionals who help heal us all on a daily basis.

ajd-nursing-poster-2013In celebration of National Nurse’s Week and National Healthcare Workers Week during May, we went out into the community to give our thanks to Georgia area nurses for all that they do.


  • We donated a pair of Alegria shoes to each of the 10 AJC Nursing Excellence Award Winners
  • We donated 5 pairs of Dansko shoes to nurses at Dekalb Medical
  • We offered a special discount to nurses at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta during Nurse’s Week
  • We’d love to reward more nurses in our community. If your hospital or medical practice would like to offer a reward to your nurses, contact for more information.



Making Atlanta More Pedestrian-Friendly | 4/9/2013

A little more speed is a lot more deadly.At Abbadabba’s, we are passionate about helping people lead more active, healthier lives with the help of innovative, comfort footwear. But one of the growing hazards to walking and running in Atlanta neighborhoods is speeding cars. According to this chart from non-profit group Pedestrians Educating Drivers on Safety, Inc. (PEDS), nine out of ten pedestrians survive being hit by a car going 20 miles per hour, but only one in ten survive if the car is traveling 40 miles per hour or faster.

That’s why we partnered with PEDS to distribute “SLOW DOWN” yard signs free of charge at our retail stores. Community residents, civic organizations and parent teacher associations can pick the signs up at all five Abbadabba’s locations while the inventory is available.

peds2“We are thrilled Abbadabba’s shares our focus on creating a more pedestrian-friendly community,” said Sally Flocks, President and CEO of PEDS. “Their generous support has funded these complimentary yard signs and expands our reach into the Atlanta suburbs through more convenient distribution points.”

On March 23, 2013, PEDS distributed the signs at a special event in Grant Park, with the help of several of our team members, before expanding the access to Abbadabba stores on March 27. The organization will schedule a second distribution event within the next month or so.

As Atlanta traffic grows more congested, motorists have been cutting through residential areas at greater speeds. The result is an increased threat to local pedestrians.  “Posting SLOW DOWN signs on streets sends a clear message to drivers who treat neighborhood streets like highways,” added Flocks.

PEDS - (Pedestrians Educating Drives on Safety)Pedestrians Educating Drivers on Safety, Inc. (PEDS) works with government agencies, urban designers, community organizations and others to increase pedestrian safety and convenience.

The organization is dedicated to making metro Atlanta safe and accessible for all pedestrians.

Visit for additional information.



Abbadabba’s Helps Employees Get Healthier With Unique Wellness Benefits | 1/4/2013

Susan Grunwald, Marketing (L) and Christine Porter, Store Operations (R)If you’re starting to think ahead about health and fitness goals for 2013, you’re not alone. Nearly one in five Americans make a New Year’s Resolution that focuses on improving their wellness, usually in the form of becoming more active or taking off extra pounds. Whatever your personal goals may be, just know that Abbadabba’s is here to help you walk the walk now more than ever before by helping our employees go the distance with healthier habits.

At a time when other companies are cutting back on expenses, we are now offering team members unique wellness benefits like reimbursing the cost of monthly gym memberships and race-day fees. Customers have told us that one of the reasons they keep coming back to Abbadabba’s is our knowledgeable employees. So we want to ensure they have every opportunity to support your healthy living journey through their personal experiences as well.

Like Christine Porter, our Director of Store Operations. Since the beginning of 2012, she has lost a considerable amount of weight and now works out five to six times a week. Christine is now using the wellness benefits to fund her gym membership and pay for the fees associated with races such as the Atlanta Thanksgiving Day Half Marathon and the Chicago Half Marathon. “It’s great that Abbadabba’s is helping support my personal fitness goals,” she notes. “Since I am the athletic shoe buyer, this experience has helped me understand what our customers need in most exercise environments.”

Kristen Smith, Chief Financial Officer of Abbadabba’s, sums up the company’s unique philosophy. “While Abbadabba’s mission is to be Atlanta’s Premier Source for Innovative Comfort Footwear, our purpose is to promote better health by helping you find shoes that support your feet, maximize performance and prevent injuries. In selling products that enable people to live a more active life, we wanted to provide wellness benefits to our employees that back up this passion.”

Amy FletcherAbbadabba’s wellness benefits include:

  • Our new “Break Out A Sweat” benefit reimburses 50% of the cost for any employee at corporate or the five metro Atlanta stores for entry fees for races such as 5k, 10k, Triathlons and Marathons/Half-Marathons. If the employee recruits other people (non-employees) to race with him/her as part of an Abbadabba’s Team, their entry fee will then be reimbursed at 100%.
  • Health club membership reimbursements are one of our most popular wellness benefits. Abbadabba’s covers 100% of the cost of health club/gym memberships (or similar fitness classes) for all salaried employees up to $35/month, garnering an outstanding 43% participation rate.
  • We also cover 50% of fitness membership fees up to $20/month for full-time hourly employees, with nearly 10% participation.

Staci Pugh, who works at Abbadabba’s Gwinnett, is excited about the new offerings. A lifelong runner who has competed in five half marathons over the past two years, she usually runs alone. But that’s about to change now that Staci reaps the benefits of including others. “With Abbadabba’s help, now I can do more of what I love and have people join me who have never competed before,” she notes. “This benefit has motivated me to do more marathons in 2013.”

Complementing the generous health insurance packages already offered, the company’s wellness benefits help make Abbadabba’s one of the best places to work in Atlanta. Unlike most retailers, we have low turnover and a high percentage of full-time workers – allowing us to continually invest in the in-depth training of sales staff about products. Which means you can always count on our team to be able to answer questions, help fit the best footwear for your needs and support your healthy living goals.

Footwear for the Food Industry | 12/11/2012

Altanta Dansko Keen Restaurant Shoes

Whether you’re employed at a four star gourmet eatery or a fast-food establishment, all restaurant workers have to deal with the challenges of constantly being on their feet. You have to avoid slips, trips and falls in busy kitchen and dining areas. Then there’s the physical wear and tear of standing during shifts that can last eight, ten hours or even longer. When it comes to foodservice, having the proper footwear is essential.

The federal government certainly recognizes this point. According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration , restaurant workers should wear sturdy footwear that is slip resistant and not canvas or open-toed to protect the feet in case hot liquids are spilled on shoes. That’s where Abbadabba’s comes in, providing food industry professionals with the best variety of high performance footwear for the job.

Atlanta Birkenstock Restaurant Shoes“Abbadabba’s carries numerous non-slip, supportive and comfortable footwear options for people working in the restaurant industry,” explains Director of Store Development Jade Regotti. “We have trained our staff how to help customers choose the right shoe for their needs.”

All five Abbadabba’s stores carry a strong selection of footwear options for restaurant employees. Brands that have proven to be especially popular include Dansko, Birki’s Professional Clogs by Birkenstock and KEEN’s, Sanita and Merrell’s Encore Groove Pro and Encore Moc Pro.

Atlanta Sanita Restaurant Clogs and ShoesErin Stacer, who works at Jittery Joe’s coffee shop in Athens, alternates between favorite pairs of Dansko Harlows and Birkenstock Boston clogs to keep her feet going at work. “Abbadabba’s taught me to look for shoes that support my arches and cradle my heel so I don’t roll my ankles,” notes Erin. “Their staff is really helpful. They learn so much about their brands and always help you find the best shoe for your needs.”

Chef Matthew Murphy of Three Blind Mice restaurant in Lilburn couldn’t agree more. “I cannot imagine wearing a regular shoe, as most days have me on my feet at least 12 hours,” noted the fan of KEEN’s. ”Abbadabba’s helps me find clogs that are comfortable, non-slip, and take some of the weight off my feet. They get me in and out of the store fast.”

Atlanta Merrell Restaurant ShoesWe have a long history of helping people find innovative, comfort footwear options for work, school and personal time. Visit one of our stores today to see how we can give you the proper support for your feet when you are working to serve others all day long.


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