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Best Shoes for Crossfit Training

Many of our customers are also crossfit enthusiasts so we are often asked to recommend the best shoes for training. As you may know, when you train at a Crossfit gym, you are often doing a variety of exercises including sprinting, weight lifting, jumping and gymnastics. You need to be able to wear shoes that will work for all of these activities. We asked Crossfit Paragon co-owner Chace Weaton and Crossfit Competitor/ Atlanta Hot Yoga instructor Becky Signoretti (pictured, right) to give us their input on shoe selection.

"You really need a shoe that's all encompassing – something with enough support for sprinting but with minimal heel cushion for stability while weightlifting" explains Chace. "When people come to me complaining of knee or shin pain, the first thing I do is look at the shoes they are wearing. Often, I find that their shoes have too much padding and I recommend a more minimalist shoe for training."

Crossfit Training TipsChase recommends the Inov-8 f-lite series for most of his Crossfit customers. "These shoes are ideal for Crossfit because the 2 - 3mm drop ensures that the foot remains close to the ground in a more natural and stable position. However, it still provides adequate support for running and jumping," says Chace.

Becky agrees and says, "I love wearing the 220 Inov-8's during Crossfit because they give me just enough support for every WOD without feeling weighed down. They are one of the only shoes I've worn that don't give me blisters. The Invo-8's are simply amazing!"

"Personally, I like a shoe that's even more minimal than the Inov-8's. I have trained to run in a minimalist shoe and prefer to wear the Merrell Trail Glove," adds Chace.

We have found that Vivobarefoot, New Balance Minimus and Vibram Five Fingers are also good choices for Crossfit for several reasons:

  • Performance materials used in the manufacturing provide maximum protection and return of energy
  • The construction allows the foot to function as it was designed to
  • The minimal drop approaches zero

Atlanta crossfit training shoesPerformance materials reduce impact by absorbing shock, and enhance the natural movement/function of the foot which increases the return of energy (less output of energy = more in reserve and quicker recovery time). A wide toe box and flexible sole also are critical for the foot to function totally and contribute properly and positively to any movement. The "zero" drop aspect means the foot is totally balanced as if it were barefoot, allowing for equal weight distribution and alignment of the body, especially important if weightlifting.

In the near future, you will see even more footwear options available at Abbadabba's that enhance the Crossfit environment.

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