Shoe Care Tips

Keep shoes clean and dry
     Moisture due to constant wear or getting them wet is a shoe’s worst enemy.  Alternate shoes, letting them dry out between wearing.  If shoes become wet, let them dry out naturally.  Keeping shoes clean so the leather can “breathe” will also help extend the life of the shoes.
Keep cork covered
   Cork footbed sandals, such as Birkenstock, will last longer if a new layer of Cork Life is applied to any areas of cork exposed by wear.  This can avoid cork repair-work later on.
How long will they last?
   Normal wear varies from person to person.  Shoes that will last years on some people may show significant wear after a few months on others, or show specific wear on corners or edges of the sole.  Our shoes offer top materials and craftmanship which will maximize useful life in your situation.
Resoling and Repair
   Replace soles before wearing into the cork to avoid more expensive repairs.  We can recommend shoe repair providers for replacing soles and fixing many kinds of wear that will further extend the life of your shoes.
Birkenstock Heat Warning!
   Birkenstock bottom soles will shrink and require replacement if they are exposed to intense heat, such as car windows and radiant heaters.  This is not a defect, but the result of the extra-soft EVA bottom sole.  Take care!