our mission with happy customers

Our Mission is to be Atlanta's Premier Source for Innovative and Healthful Footwear.

We will fulfill this mission by achieving the following goals every day:

1. Deliver unsurpassed customer service to every customer
2. Provide excellent products at competitive prices
3. Establish store policies that are fair to the customer and the business.
4. Operate with impeccable integrity in our dealings with employees, customers and suppliers.
5. Employ honest, capable people who will work reliably and effectively to achieve our goals.
6. Reward performance with exceptional benefits and incentive-based pay.
7. We manage our business to be sustainable, respecting our neighbors, neighborhoods, and our planet.


What really stokes our coals is to turn somebody on to some really cool, comfortable shoes, and watch them walk out the door knowing they'll never feel the same about their feet again. Our look may be far forward and progressive (some call us the "bleeding edge" of footwear retailing) but our methods are very traditional. We want to pamper you in the kind of service you don't get in retail stores anymore. We want to put on a show for you, with our products as the stars of the show.