The Arts and Stage Combat

Meet Abba Carmichael

My parents are Janice and Bill (a/k/a the parents of Abbadabba’s!) so I literally grew up in the stores surrounded by shoes. I’m told that I crawled around the Little 5 Points store with a balloon tied to my pacifier so that my parents could easily find me among the shoe boxes!

From the time I was a teen, I had the privilege of changing people’s lives by introducing them to the right shoes for their feet. In middle and high school, I was always the first to wear the latest shoe trends – that resulted in lots of teasing although everyone else was usually wearing the same shoes about a year later.

With my parents’ encouragement, I pursued performing arts at Young Harris College and The Savannah College of Art & Design and now I’m living in New York City and working at an upstart radio station in Brooklyn, BBox Radio ( and a visual design company. Living in the city allows me to scout the smaller trade shows for up and coming brands that may be a good fit for Abbadabba’s.

I am passionate about:

The Arts

Dancing and Travel

I can’t imagine my life without the arts and in New York, I get to experience it all. I love being on stage, but I also enjoy watching others pursue their talents. My typical week may include taking in a Broadway show, visiting the MOMA or the Whitney and listening to a new band in a neighborhood club. My Ugg heels and my Lucchese boots keep me comfortable as I walk through the city…from my home in Brooklyn to Manhattan’s theater district to Central Park and beyond.

Stage Combat

As part of my theatrical training, I’ve spent hours and hours in SAFD intensive stage combat workshops. Thanks to my Solomons, I was able to maintain the balance and stability needed to endure the 10 hour days of sword fighting and master classes in Aikido and Tai Chi. In 2010, I became certified in rapier & dagger and broadsword and in 2011, I became certified in unarmed and single sword combat.


My parents introduced me to traveling at a young age and I haven’t stopped since that first trip to Australia in 2001. I’ve been able to visit nearly two dozen countries around the world including Italy, China, England, Scotland, Japan, the Netherlands, and Cambodia and studied abroad in London during college. Thank goodness for my Keens and AllArounders by Mephisto which have taken me from viewing art in the Vatican to making a wish on the Charles Bridge in Prague.


In New York, and whenever I come home to Atlanta, I love to put on my Nayas and go Salsa dancing at local clubs or swing and 2-steppin’ in Atlanta with my parents in my Snipes and Lucchese boots. My friends and I love a good challenge so we always try to spot the most skilled dancers in the room- it’s the best way to learn! No matter which city I’m living in, I make it a point to seek out the best dance spots in town.

I love collaborating with people (probably why New York and I mesh so nicely) and look forward to the future when I can join the amazing worlds of happy feet making physically healthier people and the emotional health that the arts bring to us all.