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Meet Bill Carmichael

I’m CEO a/k/a Chief Instigator. I try to help things run smoothly and then disrupt them with some newfangled gizmo. I coach the management team and help out now and then.

I’m passionate about…

I play weekly in a church praise band and coach the youth praise band there as well. I love music and coaching, and especially doing both! I play bass and occasionally keyboards. Every Sunday, I am “dancing” as I play through two services and a sound check – on my feet a lot. I wear a variety of shoes on stage depending upon my clothes for the day, but you can bet there is a set of Superfeet ORANGE insoles inside my shoes.

Trail Running
OK, I am power-walking these days, not running, thanks to my knees, but I still call it trail “running.” I love to walk trails, and Janice and I seek out fun trails everywhere we travel. I walk the trails around Stone Mountain several times a week and try to do a 10K once a month. Currently, my favorite trail shoes are the Transistor from Vasque (VERY light!) but I also take out my VFFs now and then on soft surfaces.

Trail Running

Last summer, I started riding a bicycle, and I worked up to as much as 100 miles a week on a Fuji Absolute 2.0 (crossover hybrid “path” bike.) Then I got a GT Avalance trail bike, and I discovered many new ways to hurt myself riding trails. (Nothing serious so far!) For biking I usually wear some New Balance cross trainers (with Superfeet Orange insoles, of course.)

Abbadabba's Customers
I don’t get out to sell in the stores very often, but when I do, I am always reminded how much fun it is to work with our customers and find comfort footwear solutions that often have a huge positive effect on their life and health. Being part of a company that helps people… that’s worth being passionate about too!