Meet Jade Regotti

I have made Abbadabba’s my home for over 10 years now and this company really is a home! I am the Director for Store Operations at Abbadabba’s, and I work with our managers and staff at all locations. As part of the company’s Senior Management Team, I am involved with all aspects of our company. I’m also involved in the company’s marketing efforts including co-managing our Facebook page.

We as a company pride ourselves in bringing to Atlanta the most innovative and comfort footwear, but we bring so much more. I take pride daily in making others life better through support, compassion and never saying no. I strive daily to find the balance of health and fashion.

I am passionate about:

Health and Well Being
When I began my growth with my new family, I also began my pursuit of wellness and health…not just for the feet but for the whole being. Working out has become a cathartic part of my life! I was up to 6 to 8 mile workouts on a treadmill and then 3 years ago, I had to have the dreaded foot surgery. The healing time for my foot was supposed to be 3 months, but it took years for me to heal completely. Shoes helped me on my journey of personal and physical healing. Without the aide of Birkenstock clogs and sandals after the surgery, I do not believe I would have ever been able to run again!

My advice to someone who is in pain: start easy and work your way into things! Just like with barefoot running or molding a cork footbed, these things take time and small steps.

I love to to plan hiking trips either around my home or North Georgia to get out and explore. I take my ever-so-spoiled pugs to the dog park or a simple walk at McDaniels Farm Park. Trips to Helen, renting a cabin and tubing are the most relaxing ways to spend a weekend! I always make sure to wear my Chacos or Keens for the tubing and walks along the riverbank.

I am in the beginning stages of becoming a master gardener and could not even begin to get as close to the ground as needed without my Vibram Five Finger Sprints! I firmly believe that the closer to the ground and plants, the better the crops will come in!

I love to wear my Vibram Five Fingers to garden in because they make it easy to keep my balance in and are machine washable!

My personal motto is to face the change and feel inspired by those around you! I am inspired by my Abbadabba’s family and take the passion within to bring out inspiration and passion in my everyday life!