Kristen Smith

Meet Kristen Dellaporta

I started my Abbadabba’s career in fall 1999 as a sales associate at our Roswell location. In 2003, I was involved in a serious car accident and broke my spine. The lingering effects and chronic pain from that injury meant I could no longer serve customers on the floor day-in-day-out, but it didn’t mean I couldn’t serve the company in other capacities. I moved to the corporate office where I’m now the CFO. I love helping employees and customers “behind the scenes”!

I’m passionate about:

Creative Pursuits
I’m a classically-trained pianist and former music major. But that’s not my only creative outlet. These days you’ll find me creating large-scale collages, arranging flowers, taking photos and anything else that feeds my artsy brain.

I can’t help it – I love food! I love to eat it & I love to cook it. I enjoy pouring through cookbooks, food blogs, and magazines finding new things to try. You’ll usually find me wearing Dansko clogs in the kiTravel Gardening Cookingtchen. They’re a must when standing in front of a stove considering my back issues – I can’t live without them!

I have been “rehabbing” a yard formerly overgrown with bamboo and kudzu for the past 7 years. Season by season, plant by plant, I’ve been turning it around. The thrill of watching my perennials burst into bloom each season keeps me outside almost every weekend, weeding, planting….and cursing at rogue, reappearing kudzu vines. I can usually be seen in my green Keen Newports, as they hide grass stains & can easily be tossed in the washer! :)

I have friends in many cities which is a great excuse to travel. And with all the walking I do in cities like New York, Boston, DC, I really need comfortable shoes.

Adventures in Abbadabba's

I invite you to visit my Tumbler page where I share my Adventures in Abbadabba’s. Feel free to add pics of your adventures too!