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Abbadabba’s Customer Ron Skopitz – An Inspiring Story of Transformation | 10/1/2011

Vibram BikilaLost: 140 pounds

Gained: Impressive 9-pair Collection of Vibram Five Fingers and a Pain-Free Workout!

We have been so inspired by our customer, Ron Skopitz, that we wanted to share his story with all of you. So on those days when you just don’t feel like working out…remember Ron’s story, get your Abbadabba’s on and get out there!

“About 8 years ago, I saw some pictures of myself and decided that I had to make change. Over the next 3 years, I lost about 140 pounds through diet and exercise. Getting the weight off was easy – keeping it off has been the challenge. I was plagued with chronic lower back, knee and foot pain, so I would have to stop exercising and then the weight would start creeping back on.

Vibram KSO TrekAbout a year and a half ago, a co-worker mentioned these funky shoes with toes in them. The engineer in me was intrigued so I looked them up. When I read about the Five Fingers shoes on the Vibram site, I became more and more convinced of the logic involved and decided I had to try a pair. Last October, I walked into Abbadabba’s and tried on a pair of Bikilas – and fell in love. Anna at Abbadabbas was very helpful and informative, and I felt comfortable that if I had problems, Abbadabba’s would work with me to make things right.

I had read on the Vibram site to start slowly. I wore them around the house for a few days, but finally I took the plunge and wore them out on the pavement. I only expected to get a short distance on that first walk, but I felt great and just kept going. I went almost five miles on that first walk! About 3 miles in, a big knot of pain let loose in my back and has stayed gone ever since.

Vibram BormioIt is so rare that the claims made by a manufacturer prove to be true. But everything – the natural walking position, the strengthening of the the arches and calves, the reduction of the impact to the feet/heels/ankles/knees/hips/back from leveraging the natural shock absorbent action of the foot, the lightness of the shoe reducing stress on the joints, etc. – I’ve experienced all of those things and more. The reduction in pain has been amazing. Wearing my Five Fingers makes me want to walk. In the past year, I haven’t missed a walk due to pain.

Wearing the Bikilas for walking and then changing to traditional shoes the rest of my day just wasn’t going to work for me. I immediately went back and bought 2 pairs of KSO Treks (had to have one in each color) and started wearing them to work. The kangaroo leather worked well with dress slacks and a button down. Wearing them does raise eyebrows, but I don’t care – the benefits to my health and wellbeing more than make up for my coworkers’ ribbing – they’re just jealous anyway!

Vibram Five FingersSeriously, most people are curious but think the VFFs are just too “weird”. I would recommend to anyone to just let go of convention and give them a try. They aren’t for everyone, but you owe it to yourself to try! I did, and I haven’t worn any other shoes since.

It was a sad day recently when, after about 400 miles, I finally wore out those original Bikilas. I recently bought a new pair, and grabbed some of the new styles, too. I was happy to grab a few pairs of the KSO LS, and I’m excited to try the new boots out this winter. I now own 8 pairs of Vibram Five Fingers (9 if you count those original Bikilas – can’t bring myself to throw them out) and I couldn’t be happier!

I love my Five Fingers, and Abbadabba’s is pretty awesome, too!”

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