Atlanta's Beltline Path

The Atlanta Beltline Project is one of Atlanta’s newest and most ambitious projects in recent history. In an innovative reuse of old train trails that circle the city, you’ll find walkable trails, bike paths, playgrounds and skate parks, walk-up restaurants and shops. Pick a nice day and put on your sneakers such as On Running and take a stroll or ride around town. For extra fun, check out the Beltline Lantern Parade in September or the Art on the Beltline (on-going) as you go. You can find a map of the entire trail, as well as other information here.



 Atlanta Beltline bike/run path


 The Beltline walk/run/bike trail stays busy day and night and is easily accessible.






Beltline Latern Parade




 The Latern Parade on the Beltline is a beautiful night-time event.




Dining along the Beltline



Eateries have popped up along the Beltline, in addition to some prominent restaurants that were already there.  And if you are just looking for drinks, look right here: Beltline Patio Bar Tour





Living Art along the Beltline




Living Art along the Atlanta Beltline.







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